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Master the 100 Meter Sprint

The game “100 Meter Sprint” puts players in the shoes of a professional athlete running to win the gold at various competitions. The graphics in the game are not bad. Everything is professionally rendered from the characters to the tracks. The menus and text are all very clear and legible. The animations of the runners are particularly impressive because they have Continue reading Master the 100 Meter Sprint

Do you have what it takes to become a Street Ball Star?

Street Ball Star is a challenging game of skill with a little physics thrown in. It is based on the idea of street basketball and making shots. The game uses the familiar pixelated graphics that have become popular with mobile games. The graphics are interesting and done well instead of just being an excuse to not have high-quality artwork. There is no music in the game. The sound effects are nicely done. They feel satisfying when you manage to accomplish something good within the game. Continue reading Do you have what it takes to become a Street Ball Star?

Campo Kickers: Fun soccer MMO with a twist

In Campo Kickers, players build their own football team and customize their staidum. This soccer MMO made by Plinga Games pits players against each other in simulated games. Teams with better players have a better advantage in each matchup. However, players can place obstacles, such as tires and pot holes, on their playing field. These obstacles change the traditional soccer game into an intense matchup where even dominant teams can falter. Is the game worth playing for extended periods? Continue reading Campo Kickers: Fun soccer MMO with a twist