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Back to Candyland 2

Built for iOS devices, Back to Candyland Episode 2 is the super sweet sequel to its highly rated predecessor, Back to Candyland Episode 1. While it lacks a story, the general idea is that there is a path to the candy castle, and to progress, you must solve matching puzzles while earning stars. This may seem easy upon first glance, but as anyone who has ever played a drop-down matching game can tell you, the learning curve comes fast, and it is steep. Continue reading Back to Candyland 2

Test your puzzle solving skills with Juicy Stack

Juicy Stack is a simple shapes and physics game, in which you are trying to earn points by building up stacks of jiggly, geometric characters. As you make your way through the levels, dropping shapes to grab stars and earn more points, it becomes increasingly more difficult to stop the shapes from tumbling off the stack, and losing your game. Continue reading Test your puzzle solving skills with Juicy Stack