Campo Kickers: Fun soccer MMO with a twist

In Campo Kickers, players build their own football team and customize their staidum. This soccer MMO made by Plinga Games pits players against each other in simulated games. Teams with better players have a better advantage in each matchup. However, players can place obstacles, such as tires and pot holes, on their playing field. These obstacles change the traditional soccer game into an intense matchup where even dominant teams can falter. Is the game worth playing for extended periods?

Since Campo Kickers is a simulation game, the action really occurs behind the scenes. Players can complete assignments to gain more cash and experience. They can then level up their players and make additions to their stadium. After these tasks have been handled, exhibition matches and tournaments then come into play. Going head to head with real players around the world isn’t easy, especially for newcomers.

Actual soccer matches play out in a simulated format. Only minor tactics changes and other modifications can be made in-game. Otherwise, players automatically maneuver with the ball and score or block goals. Each player will accumulate their own stats during play, including goals and even penalties. Stamina depletes for active participants in matchups, which can be replenished after each game.

Individuals that enjoy simulated sports games will find Campo Kickers interesting enough.

While Campo Kickers looks decent enough, the in-game designs are relatively simple. The game won’t win any design or animation awards any time soon. Still, in-game menus are colorful and interesting. Soccer matchups see slightly animated jerseys taking the place of full character models. Plenty of other free to play games look far worse, though, so this title sits at the higher end with respect to graphics.

In-Game Purchases
Although Campo Kickers is free to play, players can purchase “hot dogs” for various uses. This in-game currency allows players to purchase powerups and improve their team in unique ways. An individual doesn’t need these hot dogs to beat competitors, but they lend a competitive edge nonetheless. Therefore, the most competitive team managers will find themselves purchasing in-game currency whenever they deem it necessary.

Verdict: 8/10
For first-time players, Plinga‘s game might seem a little confusing. The menus and matchups aren’t easy to navigate at first. Individuals that get over the learning curve will be rewarded with an above average free-to-play soccer simulator, though. Without a doubt, building up a team and seeing it crush the competition is enthralling. Plus, placing obstacles on the soccer field makes for interesting results during competitive games. Climbing the leaderboards will be the main goal for the most competitive players.