NY Rex: EAT…. Eat more…… and more! GO!

NY Rex is the latest in a line of dinosaur-themed destruction games, where you take control of the titular T. rex to bring as much havoc to New York as possible. How does it stack up?


The first thing you notice is the relatively short intro loop of title screen music. The metal guitar certainly fits the atmosphere of the game, but the loop is not seamless and it’s a little short. Once you get into a level, a different audio clip takes over, which is quickly drowned out by the sound effects of carnage and destruction. Overall, not much to complain about.


The graphics of NY Rex fall in the line of oddly detailed but not quite right that so many games fall into. There’s almost too much detail, when a more cartoon look would suit the game better. The rex, in particular, is too detailed to animate smoothly; the seams of his limbs are obvious and don’t look very good in motion. Thankfully, the graphics aren’t the main draw.


NY Rex has you take control of a dinosaur with a very basic move set; you can run left or right, you can jump and you can chomp on vehicles and people as they flee before your mighty prehistoric wrath. The object of the game is to eat all of the people in a given section of the level, before you are able to proceed to the next. Each section increases the challenge by spreading out the people and, in later missions, arming them. They fight back, and you only have so much health before you’re taken down.

The game also starts to get tricky with hiding people in stationary cars or in buildings you can leap on to destroy, which can make it challenging to find them all in each level.

Overall, there is only one glaring gripe with the game. In order to effectively chomp most obstacles, which are shorter than you, your cursor must be on the lower half of the screen. This is because you can aim your dino head, and miss people if you don’t chomp in the right spot. What’s the problem? In the lower right corner is a large, obtrusive logo for the developer, which opens a link each time you accidentally click it while trying to eat the next human in the level. In most cases, this is a mere annoyance; in some, it leads to a stationary, docile dinosaur in the face of an office with a gun. It’s an easy way to lose a tight level, if you’re not careful with your clicks.

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(via Guru of FlashGames)