Police Pursuit 2 – Fun Way To Pass Time!

Police Pursuit 2 is a pretty fun game. The directions were not really clear, so I died in the game the first time I played. The second time it was easier to figure out.

You are a driving a police car. You basically drive around and chase the ‘bad guys’. A message pops up on the screen to tell you that you have a suspect vehicle to chase. There is a mini map, and the suspect is a red dot and easy to see. The map in Police Pursuit 2 is easy to follow and large. It is laid out like city streets, so you always know where to turn.

Liek in every police chase game, when there is a new suspect to chase, your goal is to chase the suspect vehicle and ram it repeatedly. There is a damage bar that shows up over the vehicle so you can see how much damage has been done. When you have rammed them enough, it counts as a success, and the damage to your vehicle resets and you do the whole thing all over again. The other cars are driven by actual people, and not an NPC (computer player). The vehicle type and even the color of the vehicle change each time you have a new persuit.

There are nitro boosts available as coins, that you drive into to gather. And there is a ramp to jump, and obstacles in the road, such as other cars, light poles and boxes.
The graphics in Police Pursuit 2 are decent and the audio is good too. No annoying music to listen to, just the sounds of the engine and horns.

There are directions in the very beginning of the Police Pursuit 2 game, that show you the various controls for the vehicle. But that is where the instructions end. It would have been nice to know what the point to the game was, instead of figuring it out on my own.