Baseball Games – One Stop For Hours Of Baseball Fun

Plunge into American culture playing the true American game – Baseball. Two teams trying to hit a ball with bats and running around the play field is a funny thing to watch but what about becoming one of the players yourself? This bat-and-ball game has quite complicated rules and the best and funniest way to learn them all is to play one of the cool sports gamesĀ on Train your character, control funny rag dolls looking like famous athletes, set direction and strength of every hit and lead your team to the victory in the online baseball games.

Here is a short breakdown of the baseball-themed games you can find online:

1) Backyard Baseball- Enjoy the arcade again with totally addictive baseball action. You can be the backyard champion while you usher your team to victory. Just complete the 12 challenges.

2) Baseball Game- With Baseball Game you hit the ball and run around the bases just like real baseball. You need precision timing and an eye for the ball to win one for the team.

3) Home Run Hitter- As a professional baseball player you’re up to bat. The idea of the game is pitch until you hit that home run. The more home runs, the higher your score.

4) Pinch Hitter 2- Becoming a major league player isn’t easy. You’ll have to complete different tasks consisting of Hit A Homerun, No Strike Or Outs, and Pitch Ball To Batter. Control your player and bat angle by the mouse.

5) Pinch Hitter: Day Game- An html5 baseball game where you are a batter doing your best to hit as many home runs as you can sweat out.

6) The Office Guy- With a bullet, things went south with your client. Your boss wants you gone. Seek revenge on heinous co-workers and your appalling boss with a swing of your bat.

7) 7th Inning Smash- Are there windows, birds and a naked man in your way? In this game by Comedy Central, you can smash a ball through them all. Score points for hits.

8) The WTF Game Experience- Partying trolls and fizzy tequilas abound in this game. Shoot baseballs and hit objects to pour the drinks into the funnel. Enjoy the buzz.

9) Baseball Blast- Use physics to hit the ball and kill a home run. Bust out windows and reap those bonus balls for points.

10) Popeye Baseball- Help Popeye get the aim circle the closest to the marker. The closer it is, the straighter the hit.

11) Curveball Game- An artificial intelligent opponent challenges you to get the ball into his goal. You can use spin effects and use the paddle to send the ball to your opponent. When you miss you lose a blue ball. When they’re gone, game over.

12) Bussbeef 2016- A nod to Norwegian Television, Pompel and Pilt defend beer and their lives from a busload of delinquents. Use your baseball bat or buy a weapon to beat them senseless.

13) Mad Skeletons- Frankenstein swings his bat at the Mad Skeletons to put them into the coffins.

Have fun with amazing Baseball Games online!