Crate A Whole New World Of Blocks In The Cool Game – World Craft 2!

The sequel to the Minecraft game has hit the interwebs. World Craft 2 is now live and we have spent hours with it.

Build With More Freedom

The entire thrill of a cube-style game like World Craft 2 is building anything you want. With a whole host of new blocks and textures, World Craft 2 is a large step up from the original. In this version, you can create a whole world using dirt, stone, gold, or a number of other resources and materials. Mining for these resources is easy and relatively risk-free as the game doesn’t have water or lava dangers in place. If you dig deep, you may encounter the occasional monster, but they can be easily avoided if need be.

Craft Like a Boss

While World Craft 2 does fall short in many feature aspects, especially when compared to major releases like Minecraft, there is definitely no shortage of things to keep you busy. Scour the land far and wide to find the right materials to craft a world of wonder with your imagination (and limited features) as your only roadblocks. Create Ignots and craft even more complex and amazing creations with a wide variety of different workbenches and stations. You have a number of craftable resources to find and use in World Craft 2:
Coal (Used as fuel primarily)
The Life Of a Farmer

Farming has become a staple in almost any free-to-play game and a great way to pass the time in between upgrades or builds. In World Craft 2, you have to farm for some resources and materials for a lot of purposes. Luckily, with no water, farming is just a drop and wait sort of game. The challenge does come in having to search high and low for the right seed or plant to use.

When all is said and done, World Craft 2 is a fun way to pass the time and enjoy a Minecraft type experience without the hefty price tags and hassles. There is a lot that can be done and new content is said to be on the way. If you like the block and cube style world, World Craft 2 is a fun addition to your world-building toolbox.