Another Cool Knife Throwing Game – Knife Hit!

“Knife Hit” is a Flash-based game that serves as a test of reflexes and judgement. Players flick an increasing number of knives at spinning wooden logs while making sure to never strike a knife currently within the log.

As far as gameplay goes, Knife Hit is a very basic, but very satisfying experience like in the most of the target shooting games. The game features five stages of increasing difficulty, such as starting a stage with knives already embedded into the log or changing up the speed and direction that logs will turn. Players only have to worry about pressing one button, which fires a knife. Players clear a stage by sending all their knives into the log. Bonus credit can be acquired from striking the occasional apple left on the log. These credits, represented by a sliced, heart-shaped apple, can be used to unlock alternate designs for the knives thrown by the player. In this reviewer’s time with the game, I got a purple and black design that actually made it harder to thread the gap between a few of my knives in a stage with pre-loaded knives (which do not have the same aesthetic as the ones the player throws).

As far as Knife Hit’s presentation goes, the visual offerings are perfectly serviceable. When addressing the music and sound effects, the single track of background music is bland yet unoffensive and the sound effects are crisp and satisfying; every successfully thrown knife produces a satisfying “thunk” sound that only helps the “just one more level” feeling of the gameplay. Notably, the games final level is a “boss battle” that replaces the log with a wheel of cheese; throwing knives takes chunks out of the cheese.

As far as Knife Hit’s unlockable content goes, players can spend 250 apple slices to unlock a random alternative design for their knives. As far as this reviewer could tell, the differences are only cosmetic and there were no tweaked physics with one particular blade over another. Occasionally, the icon of a gift box will flash after a failed run, clicking this gives you 20 apple-slices; this window is also when a sword icon may also flash and bring the player to a screen with 15 blank squares, signifying the game’s possible knife skins.

Overall, Knife Hit is a good title for someone looking to test his reflexes while also being entertaining.