Perform The Famous Spiderman Kiss In The Cool Game Spiderman Kiss!

Spider-Man is an iconic Marvel superhero who was developed by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko and has appeared in host of movies and animated series as well as comic books. Peter Parker has been in more than a few video games too, and in Spiderman Kiss, he gets his very own superhero game as well. The story here is a less about battling Spider-Man’s legendary rogues’ gallery and more about avoiding them so that he can spend more time kissing Gwen Stacy, his ill-fated Silver Age girlfriend.

The mechanics in Spiderman Kiss game are simple. Gwen Stacy is standing on a rooftop. You web down to her upside down much like Peter kissed MJ in Raimi’s Spider-Man 2. Whenever their lips meet, a timer begins. As you hold the kiss, big red lips will appear to let you know you’ve scored. There’s also a score meter at the bottom of the screen. Villains will appear. First Electro and then Black Cat. Later, you’ll see Dr. Octopus, Vulture and even the Shocker. You can’t be kissing Gwen when they attack. This can be a bit frustrating at first. You’ll either not see it coming or spend too much time not kissing, but soon, you’ll start to see the cues that let you know a particular villain is about to make his or her move.

The graphics are stellar. The splash art looks like something straight out of the comics and captures the look that those Spider-Man romance specials often have. In game, Spidey looks spot on wearing his classic red-and-blue suit. Gwen seems a bit off. There’s certainly been more than a few interpretations of her, but this one doesn’t really feel like any of them. You’ll still know it’s her, though, but it may have been a nice touch to dress her in those 60s outfits she was so famous for.

The music in Spiderman Kiss is solid and sounds like something Marvel would use during a Spider-Man cartoon action sequence. The track is a bit short and played over and over again. A little variety in that department would’ve been nice. The sound effects for kissing and villain attacks are on point.

Spider-Man Kiss is a fun way to pass some time, and its shout-outs to Spider-Man lore are appreciated. The gameplay could use a bit of variety, but the replay value lies in earning a high score that the game will add to its leaderboard. It gives you that old-school arcade feel.