Save The Humanity Once Again In The Cool Game LEGO Avengers Hulk!

Lego Avengers Hulk is a flashed based web browser side-scroller game. You play as Lego Hulk as he rampages through a city trying to defeat the villain Loki. Before reaching Loki, you must guide The Incredible Hulk through the city, jumping over gaps and fighting Lego bad guys along the way.

The Lego Avengers Hulk game provides power-ups that you can unlock by collecting special orbs as you run. The controls are simple: you jump with the up arrow and you throw vehicles and attack with the space key. Once you reach the Villain Loki, you must defeat him by throwing vehicles at him. Loki attacks you by shooting lasers from his scepter. If Loki hits you enough times, you lose a life and your power-up scale is depleted.

Once you defeat Loki, your score is tallied up. You receive points from orbs collected and enemies defeated, and lose points for losing lives. Besides Loki, you have to contend with two other enemies: a Lego gunman on the ground, and a Lego pilot in the air. These enemies do not damage you as much as Loki does but can still take some of your lives. The biggest challenge in the Lego Avengers Hulk game is avoiding pits. If you fall into a pit, you lose a life immediately, and your power-up scale returns to zero.

Like a majority of Lego Games, this game  a lot of fun but it can be repetitive after a while. Once Loki is defeated, the game is over and you can start again and try to achieve a higher score. The Lego Avengers Hulk game also lacks a leaderboard function so there is no way to compare your high score with other players around the world. All in all, this is a fun little game that can provide several hours of entertainment and features one of Marvels greatest superheroes: The Incredible Hulk.