Time To Recreate The World In Doodle God Rocket Scientist!

The Doodle God franchise is a fairly weird franchise. It’s really based off of nothing more than a few crude drawings and some clever quotes, but it’s managed to spawn a fair number of games at the same time. One of them, Doodle God Rocket Science, has been played by many but doesn’t really change up the formula. It’s got the same basic systems in play, giving players something that’s easy to term as more of the same.

The game itself is on elf the simplest alchemy games ever. It’s based on a system of matching elements, each pair of which creates something new. In this version of the game, you are tasked with combining 77 elements in order to recreate the universe. It’s a clever little game, one that does follow some basic logical rules. There’s nothing complex here, but it is a good game for those who want to waste some time. The art style is nice and the quotations will make you laugh – or think, depending on what you happen to create.

On the other hand, the game can be almost painfully slow if you’re not willing to spend real money. As the Doodle God Rocket Scientist game is all about matching elements, you’ll find yourself backtracking again and again in order to make new matches. This isn’t so bad when you’re only dealing with a small handful of elements, but it can be tedious when you’ve got dozens. This is ameliorated a bit by the tips you get in the game, but those will eventually run out. Want more? You’ll have to pay real money for the luxury of getting basic hints. It’s definitely not a game that should require any kind of payment system, yet it seems geared to hit your wallet.

Doodle God: Rocket Science is really just more of the same when it comes to the series. If you enjoy the mind-teasing puzzles, you’ll probably enjoy everything that was added to this version of the game. If you find yourself getting bored of the older versions, you’ll probably still feel the same way about this one. There’s nothing really new or innovative here, so only play this game if you have already had fun with all the other versions.