Turn Your Hometown Into A Jurassic Park In Dinosaur Simulator!

Prehistoric times featuring all sorts of dinosaur roaming around, living their lives. Dinosaurs trying to survive the elements and other dinosaurs. Eating, fighting, and killing each other in bloody animal carnage. That is what I envisioned when I saw the words Dinosaur Simulator. But what I envisioned is not what I got. What I did get, though, was still a lot of fun. Dinosaur Simulator, once you do get into it is an interesting game.

When the game started, I was surprised to see my dinosaur standing, not in prehistoric times but on a modern day street. This already made me curious about what was going to happen in the Dinosaur Simulator game. I tried playing. What I mean by tried playing is, I couldn’t figure out what keys to press to control the dinosaur. The menu does not have any instructions on how to play the game. It was just ok start the game and go, if you can go that is. Once I finally figured out the controls I had no idea what I was supposed to do. Like almost in all simulation games, there was no explanation to the game. So I just walked around until something happened. And so much happened! The dinosaur ran around sort of like it was drunk. This had a lot to do with how awkward it was to control it with the keys. But it sure was fun watching it run and smash into things. Some things even exploded!

Even though I was having fun crashing through tow, knocking down trees, stomping humans to the ground, and creating a general path of destruction, I didn’t make it too far into the Free Online Dinosaur Simulator game. That was because of the incredibly awkward controls. General movement of the dinosaur resembled that of a windup toy. There was no way to speed up or slow down. Turning was a challenge with the scenery as well.

It would have been amazing if the Dinosaur Simulator resembled what I had envisioned. Running over people and causing explosions made up for it. Even though I would have preferred to chase down other dinosaurs, what I got in this game wasn’t bad.

Poor graphics and annoying controls, and even a drunken windup toy of a dinosaur are the only issues I found in the Dinosaur Simultor game. Despite all these things, this isn’t a bad game to play. It is a perfect distraction from more important things. You can also find this game in Google Play and App Store.