Fight for the Right to Life in Survival Simulator!

Survival Simulator drops you off on a island wearing only your white underwear, but you come surprisingly well equipped outside the caveman style clothing. For example, you have two guns—a revolver and an assault rifle, and two hatchets and a pickax. Your inventory has been loaded to keep you stocked and prepared for the long haul ahead.

The Graphics

In terms of graphics, this survival game (wikipedia) looks mediocre at best. In fact, some more varied terrain would help this game along. For example, everywhere you wander on this island feels like the same place you visited before. At first, it doesn’t matter much because you have sensory overload, but after a while, you start to wish you had more variation from the landscape of the game. To be fair, the graphics don’t look bad for a game of this type, but they’re certainly not beautiful.

Enemies in the Game

Like with the landscape, Survival Simulator game needs more variety in the enemies you face. For example, you have wild boars, zombie-like cavemen who attack you relentlessly, and presumably wild chickens on the run. Finding other NPCs is impossible. Chickens will simply run from your attack and wild boars will eventually give up, but God help you if you run across a caveman, and you have a bad aim because he will charge you until you drop dead from the thirst. A little expert advice: Don’t try to take on a caveman with a throwing spear. You will keep missing until your spear runs out, and he will keep charging you even after you have no weapons.

Directionless and Lacks Challenge

This simulator game itself feels unfinished because it has no mission, and because you start out with everything you need and next to a base with everything you could craft: an anvil, sleeping bag and campfire, you have almost no need for everything found in your inventory. In fact, it’d be better if they had started you out with nothing so that you had more strategy to go from there. Even if they had only done that, it would’ve been a major improvement to the game.

In truth, Survival Simulator may hold your interest for a half hour, but it probably won’t be too appealing after a couple hours. It needs more improvements to stack up to the other games on the market. That’s why we give this game two-and-a-half stars out of five. It’s not necessarily bad, but it feels undeveloped.