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While most IO multiplayer games opt to keep things simple, touts itself as a complex multiplayer strategy game. demands a huge time commitment from its audience, so most players looking for something they can drop into for just a few minutes will walk away frustrated. An average game of takes upwards of 20 to 30 minutes and requires your full attention. Outside of this time commitment, the lack of an in-depth instruction manual or tutorial is one of the biggest faults about However, gamers who stick with it and learn the ropes will find one of the most satisfying multiplayer experiences you can have in a Web browser.

The first thing you will notice upon launching Bloble IO is that the game takes a decidedly minimalist approach. Unlike and co the background is solid white, with your base of operations represented by a small circle. However, these minimal graphics let the game run on nearly any PC. Your goal is to defend your base while attacking the other players around you. You do this by using the same tactics you would use in a real-time strategy game. For example, placing generators around your base will cause you to gain power over time, just like in Starcraft. Use this power to build defenses such as walls, sniper towers and cannons. You’ll need to plan your defenses carefully, as you only have a limited amount of room to place structures. For example, if you build a line of walls around your base, you may not have room for cannons to destroy the stronger units. Don’t get too content with one strategy, as players will constantly evolve their offensive forces to try to find a weak link in your defenses.

To succeed in, you’ll need to destroy your enemies before they can destroy you. You’ll do this by building offensive units such as soldiers and tanks. You can upgrade these units through buildings like the armory. Every upgrade will increase the attack power of your troops, letting them destroy enemy fortifications and other soldiers quicker. The W, A, S and D keys scout the battlefield and let you find another base to attack. To move your troops, select them by dragging a box around them using the mouse. Next, you’ll choose a destination for them by clicking on it with the right mouse button. Your troops will automatically attack any enemies that they find. If you want to send a message to the opposing players, you can use the chat box in the lower-right corner of the screen.

Unfortunately, the game’s long playtime, lack of directions and overall lack of guidance will end up being a turnoff to a vast majority of players. However, those that stick with will find an immersive, strategic game that they can spend hours playing.

Enjoy Bloble IO!!

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