Totally Accurate Battle Simulator (TABS) // Open Alpha Download

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator, also referred to as TABS for short, is a game currently in open beta that allows players to simulate battles using strategy and various military units. The physics-based battles between the blue and red ragdoll armies take place in real time and are fascinating to watch. It is impossible to foresee what will happen and at times the results can be hilarious.

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator Funny Videos

The two main modes of play are campaign and sandbox. The campaign mode takes the player through a set of challenges and the goal is to defeat the opposing army. Any combination of units is possible, but as long as they don’t cost more money than the player is given for that level. The campaign levels are fun and give the player something to do. However, there are not a lot of campaign levels and for the most part they are too easy.

In sandbox mode players are able to do whatever they want, such as recreate famous battles or pit different units against each other to see which is more powerful. There is no money limit in this mode and players can set up whatever army they want on both side. Sandbox gives players the opportunity to use their imagination and is sure to provide hours of entertainment.

TABS is not yet finished and even though more content will be added, there are already a decent number of units and maps for players to choose from. Scotland, Sahara, Denmark and Japan are the maps available now and each has a distinct look. The units range from basic units like farmers and archers to specialized ones, such as chariots and hwacha. In addition, there are a few hard to defeat boss units like the dark peasant and chicken man. The developer also recently added two special units in honor of the 2016 presidential election which allows players to pit Trump and Clinton against each other!

Overall Totally Accurate Battle Simulator is a great game that has a lot of potential. The developer, LandFall, updates the alpha version regularly and has already announced that players can expect many more great features in the future, including more military units and possibly even a multiplayer mode.