Red Crucible: Reloaded // Spawn, Die, Repeat!

When you first start up Red Crucible: Reloaded, you have to download 15.8 MB. That can take several minutes, and after that, you have another load screen. With that said, this is a free first-person shooter game that is in 3D, so you can expect a load for that.

The company RGS released the new game, and it has impressive sound effects. If you liked running around the map and killing enemy soldiers like in Call of Duty, then Red Crucible will be your cup of tea. That said, it doesn’t really offer anything new in the way of innovation for shooting games.

One of the latest bundles RGS released was called the “Spetsnaz Bundle,” and it featured three different weapons. If you want a mid to long distance firearm, the Grizzly wastes enemy opponents with ease. This is a great gun for maps like SS. What is cool about Red Crucible: Reloaded is how different shots will have a different effect. For example, when you shoot your opponent in the head, they will drop immediately. Meanwhile, bullets to the legs will cause them to fall in an unusual manner, and getting shot in the chest will have a similar effect to the head shot, but they will not drop as fast. The Grach makes for a good pistol at close range, and if you find yourself without ammo on your primary weapon, the Grach could save your life.

The recoil on the guns is quite realistic, but some of the guns shoot lasers, which is ridiculous because this is not a futuristic game. The final weapon that you have is the Spetz knife, and this is quite overpowered. You can kill an opponent wearing full body armor with just two swipes, which might actually be a bug. Nevertheless, if you don’t like firing the Grizzly, then don’t buy the Spetsnaz Bundle. That’s the big reason to get it.

Red Crucible: Reloaded has a diverse selection of maps from snowbound village battles to dense jungle combat. With some of the maps, you even get to drive tanks and fly helicopters, which gives it the more realistic feel of war. The game also supports multiple weapon classes like assault, support, sniper and demolition. Released in January 2012, Red Crucible: Reloaded has been out for a while, and it has an active and engaging community. You have a variety of game modes that help to keep it interesting.


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