Goodgame Empire is the MMO-Reference!

Goodgame Empire is a multiplayer, medieval strategy game created by Goodgame Studios. It is browser based and free to play. The goal of the game is to build your own medieval castle, create a strong army, and go against other players on a world map as you try and conquer the four kingdoms and unify them as the ruler.

Goodgame Empire starts by getting your own castle and surrounding kingdom and everything costs only a small portion of food, stone, or gold. You are then given tasks and goals by different members of the kingdom. When these tasks have been completed you are granted with rewards and the expansion of your castle. You also get rubies when you level up or you can spend real money through micro transactions. The structures can take a little while to build after you start a new project.

A sort of strategy and fun way to play the empire game is to make use of the in-game chat and join the other players in defeating empires or building alliances. The user interface and graphics are clean and easy to navigate around. The graphics style is colorful and is animated very well. It is a good game, but it seems to be about lots of money and big alliances. You have to keep your resources of wood and stone high to keep building and you need cash to buy food for your growing army. There are many empire building and castle browser games, but this game seems to have some pretty good animations and multiplayer options.

Overall, Goodgame Empire is a good empire building strategy game. It includes fun features when it comes to player interaction such as trading and alliances, and multiplayer battle. It is definitely worth checking out. Just make sure you are willing to spend money to build your kingdom.

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