Google Feud – Family Feud for Google!

If you’ve ever watched “Family Feud” then you know exactly how Google Feud works. There are 10 spaces on the board and it is your job to correctly guess them all. The twist is that it is a ranking of how Google auto-fills in a given search term.

I’m probably a bit biased because I love Family Feud, but I really enjoyed this game. The twist of pulling the answers from Google’s auto-fill feature is brilliant and, often, hilarious. It’s hard not to see the humor in the fact that Marie Osmond is ranked higher than Marie Curie or Marie Antoinette.

The same gimmick can make the game a bit frustrating at times. There is no room for spelling differences or errors because 6 of the 10 answers could be variations on the same answer. So it really forces you to think like someone who is searching for something.

The answers are also quite surprising at times. I thought I had it easy because the search term was “Harry Potter and the”. I was wrong. Because the answers are coming from Google searches and not a survey of contestants, it isn’t just a list of the books.

Google Feud is a fun challenge that forces you to think outside the box. You aren’t going to get away with easy answers. You will have to put in a decent amount of thought and combine that with quite a bit of luck. The premise may be simple, but the game isn’t easy.

I did find it kind of sad that there was no end point. This google game seems to go on forever, simply keeping track of points. It may end if you guess all of the answers correctly. I haven’t actually been able to do that yet.

This game is fun. If you like “Family Feud” you’re going to like Google Feud. It’s silly, addicting, and oddly revealing about the state of the world. If you want something quick that you can jump into, have a fun few minutes, and get back to work, then this is your game.

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