The fun and addictive gamplay of Pixel Warfare 5

Pixelated bloodlust is the name of the game in this exciting shoot’em up. Pixel Warfare 5 once again puts you in the shoes of an anonymous avatar as you go through the massive Minecraft environment levels, trying to destroy anything and everything that crosses your path as you wage war against a plethora of other online gamers who are out to do the same to you.
A staple of PacoGames, in this fifth iteration of the Pixel Warfare game we have a slightly more responsive control scheme and better integration of cooperation in the built-in map editor, allowing for exciting mixing of new tweaks on old staple levels. The map editing is quite fun, letting your imagination run wild while others experience your creation is a big part of the success of this franchise, and Pixel Warfare 5 is a shining beacon of that ethos.
As soon as you startup your browser on you are immediately asked if you want to join the mayhem of Pixel Warfare 5. Once you do you are transported to the land of abstract figures and constructs that are reminiscent of the classic Atari aesthetic look that has come to define the Minecraft environment.
More often than not you are started off with a knife, and have to race around the level quickly in order to obtain better weapons. The lists of weapons available are quite large. From a machine gun, rocket launcher, to sniper rifle, you have all the tools you need to impose your bloody will against your opponents.
The only hiccups in the gameplay that are blatantly obvious- even to newbies that have never been exposed to this game- is that most of the time you start off with a knife as your default weapon and have to contend with campers that enjoy respawn killing from a distance, which really detracts from the solidness of the game and can become quite infuriating. These are minor things that can be remedied by the community if a little modding takes place.
Despite the flaws, Pixel Warfare 5 is a nice and solid addition to the franchise, one that tries to break the mold but not too much; it keeps everything new and rousing while providing everything you’ve seen before and loved about these games. Pixel Warfare 5 is quite addictive, and these deathmatches can become pretty competitive given the right circumstances and level of play of the gamers involved.

(via Mizu)