Get ready for a thrilling penalty shootout in Euro Soccer Forever

Euro Soccer Forever is a game that was initially released by MiniClip Games. The game has a very attractive design and very intuitive controls. Like most modern MiniClip games, it has a multiplayer component and a single player practice component.

Euro Soccer Forever first welcomes you with a practice mode. This is pretty easy and straightforward. The graphics are passable for games in general, and they’re on the higher end of flash game graphics. The game does get a bit mundane after awhile. It hinges entirely on penalty kicks. The aiming is very accurate, but it gets old.

Another area of concern with Euro Soccer Forever is that it relies on “boosts” that can be purchased. Some of these boosts make it impossible to not score on the penalty kick, making it somewhat of a “pay to win” game. This doesn’t make it a bad game all the way around, though. The game is aesthetically pleasing with lots of artistic variety. Players can play on a variety of different national soccer teams.

Gameplay itself, while not perfect, can be fun for an hour or so on a slow weekend. The single player mode is identical to the multiplayer mode, except there are no opponents. Multiplayer is hosted on a server that seems to be very responsive. Tournaments get more challenging as you go on and players get more skilled. However, it is somewhat maddening when other players have a large array of purchased boosts. This can tilt the game a bit too much, making it feel very one-sided.

The physics are also spot-on, with appropriate sound effects and a realistic-sounding crowd. All-in-all, Euro Soccer Forever is not a bad game. The main issue with it is the inequality due to boosts. It does make for a fun experience, especially if you enjoy soccer. There’s no harm in trying it because it’s totally free. This game gets a 3 out of 5.