Master the 100 Meter Sprint

The game “100 Meter Sprint” puts players in the shoes of a professional athlete running to win the gold at various competitions. The graphics in the game are not bad. Everything is professionally rendered from the characters to the tracks. The menus and text are all very clear and legible. The animations of the runners are particularly impressive because they have a very realistic appearance. The game has heavy guitar music between tracks that can get annoying. The background sound effects are done well with crowds cheering you on.

You start “100 Meter Sprint” by choosing your country. This just changes the color of your clothes and the skin on the character model. All runners from all countries start with the same stats. The controls in the game are incredibly simple. You control the top runner using the left and right arrow keys. The idea is to alternate hitting the two keys as fast as possible. This will move the legs of your running faster. You also get a slight speed boost if you are tapping the keys in rhythm instead of randomly. You cannot control anything else about your runner such as the direction he is moving in.

You have ten different competitions to choose from in the game. Each one is labeled with the name of a different city such as Seattle and Rio. You have to complete each competition sequentially to progress. Winning one unlocks the next race. You earn money if you come in at first, second or third place in the race. An upgrade system allows you to improve the speed or strength and endurance of your runner across the races. Those upgrades do help because the other runners become progressively better and faster as you advance. Your goal is to win all ten races to get the gold medal.

A problem with “100 Meter Sprint” is that there is little documentation for what is happening. You are never sure what the upgrades are really doing or whether you could be doing something more with the arrow keys. Another issue is that all the tracks are exactly the same making the game a little repetitive after a few levels. The competitions are very short meaning you will likely be able to finish the game in just a few minutes if you are persistent. Fans of sports games and running might like “100 Meter Sprint” although it does not have much replay potential.