A Quick Review Of Limax.io

As suggested by its name, Limax.io is from the creators of Agar.io and Slither.io. The creators of these games continue to pump out more and more related titles. Each one stands alone as a fun and somewhat addicting game. All .io games play in simple fashion and feature no learning curve whatsoever. In essence, players are tasked with growing as large as they possibly can, whether they’re a worm or a circle. Limax.io sees players taking on the role of slugs, although they look somewhat like ghosts, too.


Limax.io features simple controls, and nothing more than a mouse is required to play. Players guide themselves with the mouse and collect dots on a square grid. If the player hits an opponent’s trap or the boundaries, then they die. A simple click of the mouse deploys a trap, and dead enemies drop more orbs for growing larger. One click upon death can start the cycle over again as players assume the role of a tiny slug. By becoming the largest Limax on the server, players can proclaim themselves the biggest Limax.


Like Agar.io and other titles, Limax.io doesn’t feature intricate graphics. The game is played on a 2D plane with a customizable colors. Nothing about the game’s graphics screams sophisticated or cutting edge. Fortunately, the average player won’t expect much in the graphics department for a title like Limax.io, and simple gameplay is the key.


Limax.io does feature a decent amount of replayability. Certain strategies are required in order to consume opponents and avoid being consumed. Then again, different lives of Limax.io may start to blend together for players that become bored easily. Those that enjoy simple, easy-to-pick-up titles will enjoy this one. Fans of .io games will feel at home here, even though Limax.io seems like a middling addition to the “franchise”.


For a Flash game, Limax.io is more than worthy of a few minutes of play. It’s not as compelling or strong as the original Agar.io, though. More and more .io games continue to come out, and they’re somewhat hit or miss in relation to each other. Still, Limax.io is another fun Flash game that’s simple enough for everyone to play. It won’t win awards any time soon, yet players won’t find much to complain about if they’re looking for a fast-paced multiplayer game.

Overall Rating: 7/10