Color Switch: Are you up to take the challenge?

Do you like challenges? Then you should check out  the latest internet hype “Color Switch”, which is an inventive, addictive and sometimes frustrating game involving skill, speed and planning. The game graphics are very nicely done even though everything is abstract. All of the shapes are rendered very smoothly without pixilation, graphical artifacts or awkward inconsistencies. All of the animations are very smooth and the collision detection is highly accurate with what you see. The music in the game can be a little loud and gets slightly annoying after some time. The basic sound effects are good and do not get in the way of gameplay.

The basic concept of “Color Switch” is that you control a colored ball. You control the ball by hitting the mouse button. The ball jumps up towards the top of the screen a small amount with each click. If you stop clicking, then the ball drifts back down to the bottom of the screen. Your game ends if the ball hits the bottom of the screen. You have to master tapping the mouse in a kind of rhythm to get the ball to move forward exactly as you expect. This is very difficult and takes some practice.

Your ball will encounter obstacles as it moves upwards. The obstacles are spinning circles with multiple colors along the outer edge. There are only a handful of colors in the game. You can only pass through the part of the circular barrier that is the same color as your ball. If you hit the wrong color, then your game ends immediately. The challenge is controlling the ball well enough to wait in a certain space until the right color drops to the bottom to let you into the center of the circle. You then have to hold in the center of the circle until the color rises to the top to let you out.

The challenge of the game increases with each circle you pass through. Your ball will change color between each one potentially confusing you. Some circles have multiple rings of colors all spinning at different rates or in different directions. Just one tap at the wrong time will end your game. There is no maximum level. You just keep going until you make a mistake. The full version of the game includes ten other play modes with varying rules and objectives. “Color Switch” in an incredibly addictive game that can keep you entertained for hours even if you end up feeling a little frustrated at times.