Parking Fury: Perfect Your Parking

The rules of the road are often lost. How many times has someone carelessly taken up three parking spaces in the front of the lot? How often does someone hold up traffic when trying to parallel park? It is a sad truth that we all have to live with every day. What many do not notice is how tricky getting into some of these spaces actually is. While some find parking mostly simple, others struggle to get by. There is now an all too addicting game where the player can demonstrate their skills and show others how parking a car should be done.
Parking Fury, a game designed to put the player in the driver’s seat, does not stand for less than perfect parking jobs. The purpose of the game is to drive a car to a predesignated place to park. While the levels start off simple, twists and turns are added making every mission increasingly difficult. The curves get sharper and the parking lots get further away. Parking Fury is not only challenging, but also extremely addicting. Squeezing through the tight spaces and avoiding hitting objects and other vehicles will give you a higher score while making it within the lines of the highlighted area will allow you to move to the next mission. Get through all ten levels to be the best on the road and name yourself parking champion.
Get in the car and strap in for a great time. Parking Fury will make sure you have fun while the constant challenges will increase your skills. If you like simulation games that put you in the driver’s seat then this is the game for you. Show people how real parking is done with this addicting new game. As soon at the levels start you will never want to turn away. Give Parking Fury a try, you will be happy you did.

(via Mizu)