Ragdoll Olympics: Win different contests with your ragdoll sportsman in the game

RagDoll Olympics is the hilarious new addition to silvergames.com. Like most entertaining, casual games it combines a simple premise with a surprising difficulty level for delightful results. Ragdoll Olympics is distinctly similar to the game QWOP, both in style and basic theme. Both are ostensibly sports games, however you play as an athlete who seems to have little to no control over his own motor functions.

In the case of RagDoll Olympics your contender is a distressed looking man in an orange track suit. He begins the game by flopping onto the track from above, landing in a limp limbed puddle. This unlikely Olympian is unable to stand on his own. As such, the goal of the game is to use your mouse to physically fling him past a variety of obstacle, propelling him to victory in a variety of different events.

The mechanics are straight forward. By holding down on the cursor you can select the angle and force with which you want to fling your Olympian. If you are fast enough with your throws, he can even achieve sustained flight. Usually, this would allow for an easy victory, however the games mechanics allow the character to bounce off the top and bottom of the screen. This can either give your character the extra momentum needed to leap over an obstacle or ruin an otherwise perfect jump.

There are a variety of different contests in the game, each with a different goal and requiring a different play style to complete. In order the events are, High Jump, 100 Meter Dash, 100 Meter Hurdles, Long Jump, Wrestling, Diving, Volleyball, Soccer, Basketball, and a Marathon. Some events will even pit you against other ragdoll athletes, quickly devolving into a flailing mess.

Note that the physical dynamics of the game mean that not every event should be played the way you’d think it should. For example, it’s best just to try and fly over the 100 Meter Hurdles. Otherwise, you’ll spend hours trying to aim your jumps at the necessary angle to clear the hurdle in front of you while still landing in the safe zone between barriers.

This ragdoll sports game features a catchy background tune that lends itself to the absurd and fast paced nature of the game. For maximum enjoyment, just ignore strategy and tear through as fast as possible. Watch as your contender wildly flails his way to the gold.

(via Super and Game News)