Moto X3M 2: A physics-based motocross game with a sense of humor

Moto X3M 2 is a two-dimensional side-scroller. The graphics are bright and fun. They are what you would typically find in this type of game. They do have a consistency and a polish that adds to the overall gameplay experience. The game has a single song that is played in the background when you are at menus or running through a level. It is upbeat but does get a little distracting at times. The sound effects are nothing special. They are calibrated well with the action on-screen although the game could do with a few more.

You are in the role of a motocross rider on a motorcycle in this game. The goal of every level is to get from one side of the map to the other in the shortest time possible. Everything is really centered on the timer in the level. You have four basic controls. Pushing the up arrow key accelerates your bike. Pushing the down arrow hits the brakes sometimes with disastrous consequences. Pushing the right or left arrows will tilt your bike in that direction whether you are on the ground or in the air.

Every level in the game is filled with obstacles. The tracks include massive hills, steep drop-offs and ramps that move around. You will be confronted with unique challenges such as having to jump over three hovering helicopters and then escaping along a ramp made of exploding dynamite. The developers really put thought into the level design and it shows. The challenge is to not die before reaching the end of the level. You character will die whenever something other than the bike tires touch anything on the level. Thankfully, there is a checkpoint system in place so that you do not have to repeat entire levels if you die. Unfortunately, the time never resets even when using the checkpoints.

There really is not too much wrong with “Moto X3M 2” right now. The game includes 25 levels that you must complete sequentially. You earn stars through a typical achievement system. You can use those stars to buy different and more interesting looking motocross characters. The game includes a leaderboard for those who want to register. The board allows you to compare your scores to other people currently playing. This game is simple, fun and professionally made with a good sense of humor.

Play Moto X3M 2 now and enjoy!

(via Gamepad Gurus)