Legends of Honor is a castle building defense game

The play style is akin to Farmville, Civilization, and games of this nature, and also has an isometric view. The first thing you are introduced to is the advisor, whose name is Jasmine. Jasmine walks you through a simple point and click tutorial that seems to drag out longer than it should. You will find the resources available in the upper left-hand corner, while your building abilities are at the bottom of the screen. In most cases, when you select an option from the interface, like a building that you have created, additional options will then appear for you to choose from. 

Again, much to the style of the Civilization franchise, or other real-time strategy games, you will eventually control a “hero” to defend against enemy invaders. This “hero” is a knight that you have to level up in order to defend against and defeat other knights. You will also be required to kill other knights in order to gain additional resources.

After you have defeated your first enemy knight, you are sent back to your castle, where you are able to create military buildings as a prize for leveling up. You are then required to build barracks, and this is when you will begin building your army. Though the game allows you to gain and earn resources, abilities, and additional items, you are also encouraged to purchase more in game packages with real life money. Prices for this range from $1.99-$49.99, depending on what you select. This is probably the main downfall of the game, as it is initially viewed as a free game. We call these games buy-to-win, and this is because you can level up as high as you want, but you will not be as strong as you could be had you purchased special items, and some purchased items will be required to reach special levels or complete better tasks.

The game compares itself to Game of Thrones, but really, its more of a medieval style Facebook game where you can make more in-game purchases to be a better player. It is single player, but there are too many options and details that make you feel overwhelmed initially. Legends of Honor will help pass time, but it is not any more innovative or creative than other real-time strategy games.

Enjoy Legends of Honor!!


(via MyBoss, Click ‘N’ Click Again and Flashgamenews)