Charm Farm is a charming fantasy farming game with lovely characters and addicting quests

Charm Farm is a multiplayer online game that puts you into the role of a wizard attempting to strengthen your powers and improve the land. The graphics are nicely done and have a watercolor feel to them. Everything does feel consistent and has a fine level of detail. The animations and special effects in the game are done nicely and have a smooth appearance. The music in the background is calming and the sound effects are good.

Charm Farm is a combination between a building game, a strategy game and a farming game. Your wizard has a level and personal stats that are increased through experience. A quest system is present in the game. You also have resources and minions called Shmoos to manage. You are told almost immediately that you need to begin preparing for eventual attacks by an evil sorcerer intent on taking over the realm.

The first part of the game largely involves building up your resources, plot of land and stats through quests. You have to do things like collect gold from huts, build new shacks to house your Shmoos and research spells. The quests involve some busywork as well such as clearing out weeds, planting flowers and tearing down old structures. Combat does occur later in the game although you have to be prepared for what comes by planning and managing resources.

One of the main drawbacks of Charm Farm is that the system is designed to encourage micro-transactions. Rubies are one of the currencies you can buy in the game. Every action requires resources to do. Any action your wizard takes drains mana. You get only a limited amount of mana before you have wait for it to regenerate. Building structures takes anywhere from a few seconds to hours depending on what you are doing. You can use rubies to speed things up. The problem is that rubies are in limited supply unless you want to spend real-world money.

The artificial time barriers and limited mana do become a problem as you progress. You end up being able to do only small housekeeping chores at certain points. The pace of the story and action is very slow to the point where some people might get bored watching the relatively mundane tasks that make up most of the gameplay. Charm Farm does have many good points for people who enjoy building things, decorating the landscape and managing resources. Charm Farm is a game for anyone who wants a casual and relaxing experience in an attractive fantasy setting.


Charm Farm can be played for free here!

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