Dark Dayz: Survive the zombie madness set in a dystopian future

Dark Dayz is a top-down shooter with some adventure game components set during a zombie apocalypse. The graphics in the game have a distinctive style that goes with the world. They are done very well even though everything is two-dimensional. The animations are smooth for both the character, the screen icons and the enemies. Moody music plays in the background and changes to reflect what is happening on the screen. The sound effects are exactly what you would expect from a zombie shooter.

Dark Dayz puts you in the shoes of a human survivor a few years after zombies have started to overrun the world. There is not much backstory about the origin of the zombies although you do learn a little about your character’s history. This is done through voice-over dialog that is decent but not great. The controls in the game are a little confusing at first. The mouse changes the direction your character is facing. The WSAD keys make your character walk. Your character will always walk in the direction of the key you press regardless of facing. This can be disorienting during combat.

The story starts as you approach a survivor camp. You are immediately introduced to the action system. You can do a variety of actions such as slipping through a gap in the fence and repairing the fences. There is a simple crafting system in the game where you can make a variety of items from components found on the maps. You also gain access to a store between levels where you can spend the money your collect to buy upgraded equipment.

Combat is good in Dark Dayz. You have three basic attacks. You can shoot your gun, swing with a melee weapon or throw something like knives. The cool down between some attacks is a little long especially for melee weapons. The undeads are well-balanced and the level design is very good. Something that really improves combat and gameplay is that the levels are scripted. This means you encounter zombies in challenging and planned situations that force you to be strategic.

There are not many problems with Dark Dayz. The entire game system is a little overwhelming to grasp as first since it has so much depth. There is a good tutorial at the start of the game although it ends too quickly. The on-screen icons and cues help as well. Even that zombie horror theme is old hat and the game market is overload Dark Dayz is a polished and fun game that will provide hours of entertainment. It also has a complete achievement system allowing for some replayability.


Check out this zombie shooting game now! How long can you stay alive?