Papa Louie 3: The famous chef’s adventure continues

Papa Louie 3 is an addictive side-scrolling platformer that incorporates many of the features fans of the genre love. The game uses a very distinct graphics style that is fun and interesting to see. There are good sound effects and lighthearted background music. Animations are smooth and gameplay is fun. Something to note is that Papa Louie 3 actually allows you to fully customize your controls. If you want to switch the jump or attack buttons, then you can do so easily at any time through the options menu.

The story of Papa Louie 3 is told through a quick sequence of images at the start. You are a staff member on a luxury cruise. During the grand opening of your restaurant, the ingredients in the food come alive and rebel. You grab a flag for some reason as the boat sinks. The game starts with you on an island holding the flag. The flag is actually your primary attack weapon in the game.

The game gets many things right. The controls are fluid. The hit detection is very accurate. The jumping is smooth and predictable so that you never feel like you are fighting against the game just to get something done. The level design is also excellent. The levels are mostly linear although the challenges are spaced out well. You are not going to encounter bottlenecks where you have to keep trying increasingly bizarre tactics just to get through the one point.

Combat in Papa Louie 3 is what you would expect from a polish side scroller. Your flag takes out enemies in front of you. Jumping on top of an enemy will stun the monster for a second although you have to finish it off with the main attack. Enemies do eventually get more difficult to defeat because they require multiple hits to kill, start firing at you and fly in erratic patterns. The nice thing is that the difficulty scales up appropriately. You never feel like something was unfair if you die.

Your goal in the game is to rescue Papa Louie and all of the crewmembers imprisoned on the island. An interesting feature is that every crewmember you rescue is unlocked as a playable character with different weapons and skills. You can also use the money you gather on the levels to buy new clothing styles for each character. The only potential drawback is that hardcore platform game fans might find Papa Louie 3 a little easy. Papa Louie 3 is an extremely fun and addictive game that you should try today!