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Turbo Dismount: Funny Unity3D crashing game

Despite its name, Turbo Dismount is less a game about doing precision maneuvers quickly than it is about tinkering in a sandbox of constrained mayhem. As a stripped-down version of non-free versions of the game, the free version of Turbo Dismount nonetheless manages to provide cheapskates with quite a bit of amusement relative to the simplicity of coding involved. But you need to download and install the latest Unity3D for your system.
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Bubble Shooter: Easy for anyone to pick up and play

In the age of Flash games, many classic, arcade games have been coded and adapted for browser play. Bubble Shooter is one of many variants of bubble-popping games, and it can be played for free in nearly any browser.

Bubble Shooter takes mere seconds to get started with the bubble popping madness. When a player begins a new game, they are presented with a game board that contains a large group of differently covered bubbles at the top. At the bottom of the board, there is a “bubble shooter” cannon that can be aimed in different directions.
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Eldevin: An awesome MMO with great quests

The developers of Eldevin wanted to create a classic fantasy massively multiplayer online game, or MMO. They were very successful because Eldevin does have the same look and feel of early fantasy MMOs that many people enjoyed. The graphics are impressive in certain areas and a little lacking in others. The screen layout, keyboard controls and other aspects of gameplay are all very familiar.

Eldevin takes place in a fantasy world where you were once a great soldier defending a king. You fall into a special area called the void and emerge years later without you previous abilities. The game begins with a series of quests that act as a tutorial for learning the different types of combat. The game follows the traditional format of giving you long chains of quests that guide you through the story and the world.
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