Monthly Archives: August 2013

Track Racing Game

Track Racing is fairly basic but engaging race game with many options for car, track and race types. You’ll earn medals for finishing in good times, and the medals will unlock new cars and harder tracks. You can only choose a basic car at first, but the earned cars include a police cruiser and a vintage muscle car, along with some modern race cars. The fastest, most advanced car takes 131 medals to unlock, but you can earn your first after only 16 wins.  Continue reading Track Racing Game

Let’s go Jaywalking

An exclusive free mini game by GamesButler, Jaywalking is strategy competition that has players dodging traffic to safely get twenty-five little stick figures across the street. It is quite similar to the popular Frogger game, except with humans instead of amphibians. The main objective of Jaywalking is to get as many figures as possible across, avoid the oncoming cars, collect some power ups, and receive a high score. While the game may be entertaining for some individuals, it is severely lacking in many ways and could be distasteful for others. Continue reading Let’s go Jaywalking

Papa’s Pancakeria

Bei dem Online-Spiel Papa’s Pancakeria läuft einem schnell das Wasser im Mund zusammen, aber das ist auch nicht verwunderlich, denn in dem Spiel agiert man als Tortenbäcker, der seine vielen Gäste zufrieden stellen will. Papa’s Pancakeria ist ein so genanntes Zeitmanagement-Spiel und dieses Spielegenre ist gleichermaßen bei Männern und Frauen beliebt. Auch Kinder spielen dieses Genre sehr gerne. Continue reading Papa’s Pancakeria