– The Tank IO Game

While most IO multiplayer games opt to keep things simple, touts itself as a complex multiplayer strategy game. demands a huge time commitment from its audience, so most players looking for something they can drop into for just a few minutes will walk away frustrated. An average game of takes upwards of 20 to 30 minutes and requires your full attention. Outside of this time commitment, the lack of an in-depth instruction manual or tutorial is one of the biggest faults about However, gamers who stick with it and learn the ropes will find one of the most satisfying multiplayer experiences you can have in a Web browser. Continue reading – The Tank IO Game

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator (TABS) // Open Alpha Download

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator, also referred to as TABS for short, is a game currently in open beta that allows players to simulate battles using strategy and various military units. The physics-based battles between the blue and red ragdoll armies take place in real time and are fascinating to watch. It is impossible to foresee what will happen and at times the results can be hilarious. Continue reading Totally Accurate Battle Simulator (TABS) // Open Alpha Download

The fun and addictive gamplay of Pixel Warfare 5

Pixelated bloodlust is the name of the game in this exciting shoot’em up. Pixel Warfare 5 once again puts you in the shoes of an anonymous avatar as you go through the massive Minecraft environment levels, trying to destroy anything and everything that crosses your path as you wage war against a plethora of other online gamers who are out to do the same to you. Continue reading The fun and addictive gamplay of Pixel Warfare 5

Master the 100 Meter Sprint

The game “100 Meter Sprint” puts players in the shoes of a professional athlete running to win the gold at various competitions. The graphics in the game are not bad. Everything is professionally rendered from the characters to the tracks. The menus and text are all very clear and legible. The animations of the runners are particularly impressive because they have Continue reading Master the 100 Meter Sprint